TRANSACTION METHOD Transaction Limit Processing Time (Minute)
Bank Deposit ATM/Internet Transfer 30.00 30,000.00 5
Withdrawal Local Bank Transfer 30.00 30,000.00 15-30
  • Transaction: Deposit / Withdrawal
  • Method: Online Transfer
  • Min: 30.00 Max: 50,000.000
  • Due to regular changes to our bank account,all Members are Required to Contact us for the latest bank account before making their Deposit.
  • Crown88s will take no responsibility for Transfers made to bank accounts no longer in use.
  • Deposits made using “CDM” ( Cash deposit machine ) are required to Have screenshot showing a hand written “Crown88s” at the bottom of receipt for ScamVerifications.
  • Crown88s do not accept deposits made by 3rd party Bank transfer/CDM other thenYour bank details registered with us.Eg; asking friends or relatives to transfer on your behalf.
  • All Successful Transfers to our indicated bank must be accompanied with a BankTransfer Slip sent to our Customer Service Officers.
  • Withdrawals will only be made to Customers Bank details registered with us.Customers who wish to update/change their banking details must do so before making any deposit/withdrawal.
  • Members are advised to be ready For transfer before requesting for our depositAccount.Upon Requesting for our Deposit Bank details transaction must be completed within 30 minutes.
  • In The Event That a Manipulated Bank account is being registered with us, Crown88s Reserves the Rights to cancel and terminate all accounts and credits.